How I Got Ready for Summer

How I Got Ready for Summer

It was the second week in June. We survived the end of the school year craziness. This year it was a bit crazier than normal because two of our sons graduated, one from the last class of our beloved grade school and the other from high school. There was a lot of emotion and celebrations. We had already attended a couple grad parties and eaten a lot of ice cream. I was cheating on my “sugar-free” diet by having MnMs found in the Trail Mix. (I rationalized that this was ok) “Junk food” was the easiest thing to grab on the go and we were on the go A LOT! So the day after my daughters birthday, which was celebrated with (another) ice cream cake, I was feeling REALLY sluggish. Without going into details… my body was not functioning regularly. This left me feeling sluggish, foggy brained, and low energy. Ugh! It was the beginning of Summer and I felt horrible. I needed a reboot!

Why not go on a Juice Fast? I thought it was a great idea. It couldn’t be that hard. The neighbor up the street gifted me their juicer and it was time to give it a good work out. I started on a Monday… new week new me! I was hungry the WHOLE day! It was really hard. I sent a message to Heidi Lutz, owner of the Juice Jar. She was so encouraging. She gave me great advice and told me to push through it. I started getting cranky toward dinner time. I didn’t want to snap at my family so I caved. I made some eggs. I kept them plain and felt that eggs were easy enough to digest. I thought, “they shouldn’t set me back too much.” The eggs gave me enough energy to prepare dinner for my family and make it to bed time.

Day two started out fine. I wasn’t as hungry. I still felt that I could do this. It’s a new day and I kept on with my mission. I needed to reboot my body. I read a little more about juicing and what to expect. I made enough juice for the day and was ready. Uh oh… I forgot that I had a lunch meeting. Ugh! I had this great idea to reboot but I didn’t look at the calendar to see what was going on that week. Oh well, I still went to the meeting and drank my water. The chicken salad that was served looked awesome. I was no longer crazy hungry, as I was the day before, so it was ok. By the time I left the luncheon I had a killer headache. WOW… Heidi, and all the blog posts, warned me about the headache. Of course I did not want to take anything for it. One of the reasons to juice is to reduce inflammation. I wanted to rely on the Fast to reduce the inflammation, not a NSAID.

The whole time between drinking my daily juices, I drank water and one fruit smoothie for lunch. I was so happy when Heidi recommended drinking coconut water. I went straight to the store and bought some. It was the BEST coconut water that I have ever tasted. It really helped. Day two was much better than day one, except for the killer headache.

Onto Day three… I made it this far. Much of the reading that I read, which really wasn’t much otherwise I would have been better prepared, mentioned that people fast for at least three days all the way up to thirty days. I figured that since I made it to day three, I would at least complete the minimum. I also read that the real cleanse begins after day three. That the fast goes deeper… to a cellular level. I thought, “Sounds cool. Clean out my cells.” Hmmm…

Back to day three. I was ok. The coconut water between my juices was working. I was drinking a lot of water. I felt normal and was functioning well. I had a meeting to shoot a commercial with Dr. Lisa Mainier for an upcoming W.O.W. Event (Women-on-Wellness). I told Dr. Lisa that I was on day three of my fast. She mentioned that she tells clients who chose to fast that they should take it easy. Fasting is a time to let the body clean itself and that conditions should allow the body to do so. Oops! I did pilates on Monday and my exercise class on Tuesday. It’s a good thing that Wednesdays are my rest days.

Day four… Since I got through the minimum amount of days for a fast, I decided to start taking it one-day-at-a-time. Something happened Thursday morning that made me want to continue. I felt that my body was telling me that it wasn’t done yet. It needed more time to clean. I decided, after Dr. Lisa’s comments, that I should not go to my exercise class. My body needed all of my energy. After all, my organs were working hard to clean by body. I don’t think we fully appreciate what our bodies do for us. If we did, we would treat them better.

Friday was day five. I decided to end the fast and my body agreed. The weekend was coming, I wanted to workout, and enjoy food with my family. I gradually added easily digestible food to my diet on Friday. Saturday morning, I woke up and thought that I would go for a run. WOW! The next time I fast, I will not go out for a run that close to coming off a fast. For one thing, I allowed myself to drink bone broth on the fast… how much protein is in that? How much protein in the juiced vegetables? I don’t think my muscles were ready. I just wasn’t strong enough and my legs felt like lead. I’ll know better next time.

I think that many people associate a fast with wanting to loose weight. Perhaps that is why people look at me strangely when I tell them that I went on a fast. For me, weight had nothing to do with it. The fast had everything to do with how I felt. Who wants low energy, sluggishness and foggy mindedness? Not me… and thankfully I don’t anymore. My body has rebooted and I will continue with my GF/sugar-free lifestyle. Thanks to my fast, I am ready for the Summer!