Lemon Infused Water

Lemon Infused Water

Water… Boring?

Many people enjoy infusing their water… let’s face it, sometimes filtered water can get… boring!

I hear people infusing water mostly with Lemon. Lemon infused water supports the digestive tract and cleanses our organs. Sounds great, right? Well, I worry about my teeth. If I drink so much fresh squeezed lemon, what will happen to my teeth? We all know that lemon juice is acidic and that acid eats away at tooth enamel. A dental technician told me that an acidic mouth will form more tarter than a less acidic mouth. Hmmmm…. What does that mean? We are talking oral Ph balance here.

Another dental hygienist preaches that the plaque in our mouths can affect our overall body health. If plaque is produced by the acids and food particles in our mouths, then we must be able to (somewhat) control it; not only by brushing and flossing but by the types of foods and drink we ingest. Here is an interesting article about Changing your Ph to improve your teeth and gums. One take away that I will quote from this article is:

“The most confusing detail is that one or two products that alkalize the body are, in fact, acidic in the mouth. The two best examples are:

a)    Lemons are one of the best products to alkalize your body, but they have such a low pH in the mouth, drinking lemonade can destroy teeth.

b)    Spinach is good to alkalize the body, but the oxalic acid in spinach can destroy the healthy pellicle on teeth and make them sensitive.

If you eat lemons or spinach –be sure to incorporate them into meals…”

That is really useful information. Hmmm…

Keep water alkaline with Young Living Essential Oils 

Lemon Essential Oils versus fresh squeezed lemon… There is a difference. Please enjoy this two minute video!